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September 2015 Archives

A few pros and cons of trusts vs wills

In the early stages of estate planning, many Tennessee residents will consider whether they should make use of a will or trust to pass on inherited wealth. While there are a number of pros and cons associated with each choice, many people find that trusts offer a greater range of benefits versus a traditional will. Each individual will have a unique set of needs, but trusts have certain advantages that appeal to many.

Are safe deposit boxes the best place to store wills?

Completing an estate plan is a great feeling for most Tennessee residents. There is a satisfaction in knowing that these important matters have been addressed and that one's final wishes will be carried out according to plan. Once the paperwork is all in place, however, many people are unsure where to store their wills, trusts and other important documents. A safe deposit box offers a safe and secure option for storing these essential documents, but it is important to understand how these accounts work in order to reap the intended benefits.

Unmarried couples must clarify their chosen heirs

In today's culture, many people are choosing to live in committed relationships rather than becoming legally married. Some have gone through a difficult divorce and do not wish to repeat that experience. Others simply find no compelling reason to marry and prefer to define their relationships by their own terms. Regardless of the reasons behind such a choice, unmarried couples in Tennessee have specific estate planning needs and must take steps to clearly list their intended heirs.

Making gifts to loved ones prior to death

The primary focus of most estate plans is the eventual distribution of an individual's accumulated wealth. This is an important topic, as there are a number of issues that should be addressed, including the various tax ramifications of passing down wealth. However, many Tennessee families can benefit from beginning to distribute those assets prior to death, which has a number of advantages to traditional estate planning.

Ranchers sometimes face unique estate complexities

Regardless of occupation or family status, all Tennessee residents should create an estate plan. That said, certain types of businesses require a specialized approach, and the legal guidance of an attorney who is familiar with the industry in question. Ranchers are a prime example, as their financial matters and asset base is often varied and could lead to estate complexities.

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