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December 2015 Archives

Legal issues of estate planning can be complex

Some Tennessee residents may believe that estate planning is only for the affluent; however, regardless of a person's wealth, proper attention to estate planning can provide peace of mind and avoid contention between family members after a loved one's death. Estate planning is not a do-it-yourself project. It involves many legal issues, and the guidance of an experienced professional can help prevent some common errors.

The importance of discussing inheritance matters

Most Tennessee residents are aware of the importance of creating a comprehensive estate plan. That said, many people focus only on the distribution of wealth and the most effective means of achieving those goals. They overlook the human component of the issue and fail to talk about those plans with the loved ones who are slated to receive an inheritance.

Inheritance and wills assistance for Tennessee residents

Taking steps to ensure that loved ones will be provided for in the event of one's incapacitation or death is important to many Tennessee residents. Crafting a thorough estate plan can prove beneficial, and it is important to clearly communicate one's wishes while still of sound mind. Issues regarding inheritance, wills, advanced medical directives and other legal matters can be complex, and without clarification, disputes among family members can arise when it comes time to execute an estate owner's plan.

Spouses need to discuss estate planning

Many Tennessee residents have taken the time to prepare an estate plan in order to ensure that their spouses are provided for after death. However, at least some of that estate planning could be in vain if couples fail to discuss the contents of the documents, the location of important papers and each partner's final wishes. One of the main goals of an estate plan is to make things easier for a surviving spouse, but that cannot happen if the information is not shared.

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