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March 2016 Archives

Protecting your family may require being proactive

In matters of estate planning, some Tennessee residents may get hung up on the semantics. When some people hear the word estate, they may envision large homes with lush lawns and a few luxury vehicles parked in the garage. In reality, however, an estate is simply the collective assets held by an individual at the time of his or her death. Protecting your family may require a change of perspective in regard to estates and estate planning.

Is protecting your family taking center stage in estate planning?

A great deal has been written and debated concerning the impact that the Baby Boomer generation has had on American society and the economy. As this generation nears or begins retirement, Boomers in Tennessee and across the nation are turning their attention toward estate planning measures. If you are a member of this generation, protecting your family may be the central focus of your estate planning, and you may have a unique set of needs in that regard.

Organization can help executor complete tasks

Once a Tennessee resident has gone through the steps required to create an estate plan, he or she often feels as though the matter is settled. There is an important aspect of estate planning, however, that is often overlooked. No matter how carefully one has planned, those provisions are of no use to those left behind if the estate plan cannot be accessed when the time comes to put those plans into action. The only way to give one's executor the ability to complete his or her job is to make sure that the documents that make up an estate plan are properly stored.

Incapacitation planning tips for young single people

When people are young, the last thing on their minds is the risk of falling ill or becoming seriously injured. Youth carries a sense of invincibility, which often extends until a person becomes a parent and begins to consider the many and varied ways that incapacitation can occur. Having a plan in place that will direct the course of one's care is an important component of Tennessee estate planning, and it is one that should be addressed in early adulthood.

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