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February 2017 Archives

4 uncommon tips to help with your estate plan

Tennessee residents know they should have a completed estate plan in place. Nevertheless, considering the day of your death is not something anybody wants to do and often the process is put off until it's too late. If you're reading this article, on the other hand, you're probably the more responsible variety of estate planner, and you're about to get this important job done.

What can giraffes teach us about estate planning?

You thought your estate planning lawyer was thinking about boring legal documents, financial figures, taxes and probate litigation all day, didn't you? Not exactly. Estate planning attorneys need inspiration too, and sometimes that involves turning to the animal kingdom for ideas. A recent article published on the Wealth Management website highlights the way estate planners can learn a lot from our long-necked, knock-kneed, mammalian brother, the giraffe -- especially when it comes to stepparents and the inheritances left behind to children.

One way to avoid a will contest

At the Law Office of Mary C. Lagrone, we help Tennessee residents plan for the day they're no longer here. We write wills, help people set up trusts, draft powers of attorney, manage probate proceedings and a whole lot more. Indeed, we've seen it all in the world of estate planning and estate law, so we know how to build a water-tight estate plan that's appropriate for our client's needs.

Retired Pan Am stewardess leaves behind unique inheritance

A woman who started working as a flight attendant for Pan American World Airways in 1952 recently passed away at the age of 90. Having traveled extensively for over 40 years, the woman sought to immerse herself in local cultures during her layovers. Her hobby: collecting little beads from everywhere she went.

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