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Retired Pan Am stewardess leaves behind unique inheritance

A woman who started working as a flight attendant for Pan American World Airways in 1952 recently passed away at the age of 90. Having traveled extensively for over 40 years, the woman sought to immerse herself in local cultures during her layovers. Her hobby: collecting little beads from everywhere she went.

A friend of the woman said that the flight attendant saw beads as art. They represented the oldest and most portable art from created by man. Some of the beads she collected were ancient, from as far back as the third millennium, B.C. She found beads at archeological sites, where archeologists were not very interested in beads. With only $10, she could buy a large number of beads at these sites.

The woman's sister inherited the bead collection, and she was surprised at its size. They found the massive bead collection in the woman's apartment after she passed away. They found beads made from Chinese glass, Burmese amber, South American jasper, dog's teeth and everything in between.

The sister was especially surprised when they put the bead collection up for auction. It created over $300,000 in sales. The woman's sister said that the flight attended would have been extremely proud to know she had amassed such a valuable bead collection.

No two inheritances are ever the same. Sometimes, a Tennessee inheritance involves money and real estate. Other times it involves items that are a little more obscure -- like beads. If you're planning your estate and you have a unique inheritance that you'd like to bequeath to heirs, contact an experienced estate planning lawyer to discuss your options now.

Source: Fox News, "Bead-Collecting Flight Attendant Leaves Dazzling Inheritance," Brian Gaffney, Feb. 03, 2017

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