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What will my spouse receive if I die without a will in Tennessee?

A large number of Tennessee residents have never created a will. In cases where a spouse without a will dies, the other spouse will be entitled to the greatest portion of the estate under Tennessee's intestacy laws. Let's take a look at how this process works.

What's a spendthrift trust?

Let's say that you want to leave a large portion of your estate to an heir who is -- in your opinion -- less than financially responsible. You might be concerned that your heir will quickly spend all of the money that he or she receives. You might also know that with a sound financial strategy, the money you leave behind will be enough to last your beneficiary for the rest of his or her life.

The pros and cons of probate

Nobody wants to probate their loved one's estate. The months after losing a loved one are emotionally difficult, and trying to navigate a complicated legal process on top of this can seem like it's next to impossible. Nevertheless, as much as the probate process is loathed, there are some benefits.

Who should I choose as an executor of my estate?

Tennessee residents who are drafting their will need to choose a person to serve as the executor of their estates after they die. In most cases, people will select a trusted family member to fulfill the role of executor, but not everyone will be able to trust a family member with this role. How should you go about making sure that you're picking the right person to be the executor of your estate?

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