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Probate estate administration and will contests

In the best of circumstances, everyone will honor the terms of the will left by your deceased loved one, and your loved one will have made those terms exceedingly clear and easy to follow. However, complicated issues can arise during the probate process that interfere with the swift and easy dispensation of an estate. For example, more than one will might exist, or the will on file might have been signed under duress. These kinds of issues could result in the validity of the will being challenged.

Imagine, for example, that your mother passed away. Just before she died, however, she drafted a new will. That will disinherited several family members who stood to receive large inheritances. The disinherited family members may be upset and hurt, and they may come to think that the new will is invalid. They might try to challenge the validity of the will, for example, by saying that the family members who stood to gain from the new will coerced your mother to draft and sign it.

The saddest part of a will contest is the way it can create a rift between family members. As such, those who are facing such a challenge may want to handle the matter as diplomatically as possible.

At the law office of Mary C. Lagrone, we represent estates when there is a will contest or will dispute. Throughout the process, we strive to maintain good relations between all individuals involved in order to keep the peace within the family. This is, in our opinion, the best way to honor our loved ones who have passed away -- by following the intentions of their estate plans and by preventing family infighting over the many disagreements that can arise.

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