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June 2017 Archives

Will contests in Tennessee

If your loved one recently died, and you feel that the will on file was not an accurate reflection of his or her wishes, you might want to investigate whether the document is legally valid. There are a number of circumstances in which a will can be challenged. If you're planning to challenge or defend a will, or if you're currently drafting a new will, you might want to familiarize yourself with the circumstances under which a will may be contested in court.

Not all young people will get the inheritances they expect

Sixty-eight percent of young people under the age of 35 believe that they'll be receiving an inheritance one day. However, just 40 percent of their mothers and fathers plan to leave an inheritance behind. This research, produced by Natixis U.S. Investor Survey, points to the fact that the millennial generation might want to reconsider whether their assumptions about inheritances are correct.

Avoiding probate wth joint property

No one wants their heirs and beneficiaries to have to go through probate proceedings. The process can be slow and costly to complete. Nevertheless, every Tennessee estate must be reviewed and closed out by a Tennessee probate court. This, however, does not mean that your heirs should have to wait for their inheritances.

Estate of Alan Thicke falls into dispute

The famed Canadian-American actor Alan Thicke, who rose to prominence on the beloved situation comedy "Growing Pains," died six months ago. Now, the actor's estate has fallen into dispute in Los Angeles Superior Court. The dispute relates to a 2005 prenuptial agreement between Thicke and his wife, and the way the agreement conflicts with a 1988 trust that was amended in 2016.

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