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Widow and sons of Alan Thicke navigate inheritance disaggreement

Actor Alan Thicke unexpectedly passed away from a ruptured aorta in December 2016. Although the actor took the time to build an estate plan intended to provide for his wife and sons, the Thicke family has since fallen into a disagreement regarding the dispensation of the late actor's estate. According to Thicke's widow, Tayna Callau, her stepsons, Robin and Brennan, have been hiding details with regard to her estate dispensation -- which she has yet to receive approximately a year and a half after her husband's death.

As a result of the disagreement, Callau has filed court papers that claim her stepsons have withheld her rightful inheritance. The court documents also claim that her stepsons are charging her expenses and taxes.

News reports indicate that the dispute between Callau, Robin and Brennan has been ongoing since Thicke's death. The first sign of disagreement related to Callau's decision to purchase a burial monument for her late husband. The sons didn't agree with the monument purchase, so they refused to use the estate assets to reimburse her for the cost. Conversely, Callau says that her stepsons reimbursed themselves for a costly memorial party thrown in their father's honor. Callau feels that this was unfair.

Callau's attorney has made the following statement in the media, "America's dad would be ashamed of his own sons who disgrace their father's legacy out of greed and resentment against the woman whose only crime was loving her husband with everything she had."

Like any kind of family disagreements that follow the death of a family member, the disagreements that have plagued the Thicke family are unfortunate. This case, however, can serve as an example to Tennessee estate planners of how important it is to plan one's estate in such a way that minimizes the chances of a family disagreement the leads to inheritance litigation.

Source: Page Six, "Alan Thicke’s widow and Robin Thicke fight over inheritance," Francesca Bacardi, May 09, 2018

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