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Pursue a conservatorship for your parent with dementia

Anyone who has experienced the mental and physical decline of a parent with dementia remembers the moment when they realized their parent's health situation was serious.

Perhaps you went to visit your mother one day on a Saturday afternoon, and she momentarily couldn't remember who you were. Perhaps you brought your children to visit her, and she had trouble remembering their names. Maybe she got lost while driving to visit you.

Whatever the trigger moment was in your parent's case, you will never forget it. If you're reading this article, you've probably come to the difficult realization that your ailing parent can't take care of him or herself anymore, meaning that you need to pursue a conservatorship to safely manage your parent's affairs.

A conservatorship is a legal action that family members can take on behalf of a family member who represents a danger to him or herself and isn't willing or is unable to surrender to the guardianship of a well-intentioned caregiver.

Conservatorships are useful when you're trying to manage the affairs of a:

  • Parent with an incapacitating medical condition
  • Mentally handicapped family member
  • Developmentally-delayed adult or child
  • Relative with a debilitating and life-threatening substance abuse problem

In order to secure a conservatorship for a Tennessee resident, family members must petition the appropriate court. The court will evaluate the individual who will be cared for and the individual who plans to be the caregiver.

It will then rule on the conservatorship and decide the matter in a way that supports the best interests of the person involved. If you plan to apply for a conservatorship for your loved one, make sure you organize a strategic and compelling case in support of your goals.

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