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August 2018 Archives

6 considerations for a valid and legal will

The worst thing that can happen with any estate plan is to have the will invalidated after the estate planner dies. This could render the entire goal of the estate plan moot, and then the estate could be managed (and divided) according to a prior will or Tennessee intestacy laws. To avoid a situation like this, estate planners must make ever effort to ensure their wills are valid by adhering to the following six requirements:

Aretha Franklin's death reminds us all to draft a will

The singer, Aretha Franklin, did not leave a will behind as a guide to distribute her estate assets. The singer's $80 million estate, which will probably be divided among her four sons will need to be probated according to intestate laws of her home state of Michigan. Her four sons have already filed the appropriate legal paperwork to lay claim to their late mother's estate.

Tennessee judge permits country singer's children to contest will

Three children of deceased country music legend Glen Campbell are pursuing legal action to contest two of the singer's wills. The children, who were excluded from two wills, may have the right to receive inheritances if their attempts to invalidate the wills are honored.

Estate planning for art collectors

You love your art collection, which is why you want to pass it on to your favorite people as a part of their inheritances. However, bequeathing art the right way takes advanced preparation to ensure that your loved ones benefit from your art pieces without suffering from tax burdens, arguments over who gets what and other probate-related nightmares after you're gone.

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