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Can you contest a will successfully?

As an heir to your parents' estate, nothing could have been more shocking than finding out that you'd been removed from the will. The trust your parents had set up was revocable, and it had been revoked before they died. You were left with nothing, but how? You're an only child and the only heir to their assets.

You come to find out that a one-time nursing aide who had worked with your parents has been named the sole beneficiary of their assets. Sound strange? It is, especially since you discussed your inheritance with your parents in the past. Now, you have a good reason to contest your parents' will and the changes that were made.

Do you have a chance of succeeding if you contest a will?

That depends on a few factors. For example, can you prove that your parents had you there when they signed a recent will that was unaccounted for? Do you have access to evidence that your parents were manipulated or that they were not coherent enough to make changes to a will as recent as the latest will was dated? If you can show that changes were made that seem unsavory, then you have a better chance of proving that your parents suffered from undue influence and that you're the true heir to the estate.

The truth is that parents do sometimes disinherit their children without letting them know. However, if you believe this is a mistake or that your parents were taken advantage of, working with an attorney versed in probate litigation will help.

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