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With singer's death, inheritance questions prevail

Some parents ask a very difficult question, "Can I disinherit my child?" There are various reasons that you might want to disinherit a child, from the reality that they don't need any of your assets to the realization that they would misuse it.

The real question here is if you should be able to disinherit a child, and the answer is a resounding, "yes." Once your child is over 18, there is nothing you owe them in terms of your assets. Raising a child to adulthood grants you the authority to leave them an inheritance or nothing at all.

Some parents choose not to leave an inheritance because doing so would not be helpful to their children. Others may disinherit children over the way they've been treated by them. Whatever the case may be, you are certainly within your rights to cut your child out of your will and to give assets to others.

In a recent discussion about inheritances, the death of Johnny Hallyday points out that other countries don't always treat inheritances the same way. If you travel between countries, and there's any potential that a foreign court could have jurisdiction, you need to address that, too.

If you want to disinherit your children, that's your choice. The United States backs that choice, too. Your attorney can help you arrange for your assets to be distributed in any way that you see fit, whether it's to your siblings, parents, grandchildren or others who you feel would be more grateful or accepting of an inheritance that you're leaving behind.

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