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Executing a will? Get help when you need it

Executing a will is an important part of handling your loved one's estate. After the death of your loved one, you may be established as the executor. If that happens, then it is your responsibility to carry out their wishes and to help settle their debts and accounts. You'll be in charge of distributing their assets to their beneficiaries as well.

An executor has a powerful position, but you must be cautious in the role. Executing a will is a complex process. To start with, you need to begin working as the executor the moment your loved one passes. You have to find the most recent copy of the will to start executing the wishes of your loved one, too.

Remember that a will is much like an instruction manual for the estate. It gives the court guidance on how the decedent wanted their assets doled out to loved ones. It also gives guidance on other wishes, such as how they want their funeral to be arranged.

It's essential to establish that the will is valid. If it is not valid, then it could be challenged during probate. If your loved one wasn't of sound mind during the latest will's creation, there may be older versions that still stand up in court.

Established as an executor? You can get help

If you've been appointed as the executor of an estate, you can reach out for help from someone experienced in estate planning law. This can be a complex process, so it's better to ask for guidance than to make errors that could later come back to affect your own life.

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