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Could a letter simplify estate-planning efforts?

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2020 | Uncategorized |

When Tennessee residents decide to get their affairs in order, they embark on a journey to create a collection of documents that wraps up their life with the help of an executor. Estate planning documents prove invaluable in this effort, but it may not be enough. It is possible that including a letter as part of a plan could help simplify matters for the executor and everyone else involved in the administration of the estate.

A so-called “letter of instruction” could provide valuable information that the executor and family members need in order to make sure they fulfill the wishes of the deceased individual. Even though the letter holds no legal weight, it is still useful. Most people would not want to put certain information into their wills because it could be made public, and this letter would give a platform for passing it along.

For instance, it could contain sensitive information such as usernames and passwords, account numbers and more. It could also give personal messages to loved ones that could make the situation a little easier for them after death. The letter could also be a way to provide the location of a person’s assets in order to avoid a lengthy and frustrating search for them by the executor and family members.

Even though creating a letter of instruction does not require adhering to any laws, it may be worthwhile to consult with an estate-planning attorney to make sure the letter includes all information needed to help the executor and others administer the estate. Including as much information as possible in it makes an already challenging and often uncomfortable situation a bit easier. It may take some time to put together, but like the rest of the estate plan, it is meant to give those left behind some peace of mind.