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Should you name an alternate executor in your will?

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2023 | Estate Planning |

When writing your will, you will appoint an executor to ensure your wishes are fulfilled. In addition, they may be in charge of all your estate documents. Thus, you need to pick a reliable party. Nonetheless, it may also help to have an alternate executor – this is your second choice.

Here is why you should name an alternate executor:

The first choice may decline to serve 

When you inform your chosen party that they will be your will’s executor, they may decline the appointment for different reasons. In such an instance, your second option will become the primary executor. 

Finding a reliable executor can take time. You may need to assess different parties, analyzing their characters, financial stability and other qualities. Thus, it can be stressful to go through such a process again. However, it can be more manageable to pick two or more people during your initial assessment.

The alternate executor(s) you choose should have the same qualities as the primary one. You should not compromise because they are the second choice since they have a high chance of acting as the primary executor.

They may be unable to act as the executor

The executor you choose may be unable to act as one when the time comes. For instance, they may not be mentally capable or may have died. If you didn’t name an alternate executor, the court may choose one or can distribute your estate based on their criteria, which is not what you intended. 

An alternate executor can step in and perform the required duties seamlessly should the first choice be unable to.

It helps to have an alternate executor for your will. You should get legal help to create a top-notch plan that protects your assets and legacy.