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Should you seek a Small Estate Act affidavit?

In Tennessee, estates under the value of $25,000 can be administered under the Small Estates Act. The administration of a small estate is less formal, but it should only be used in uncomplicated cases. For example, if your loved one passes away with only $20,000 and no debts, then handling the estate with the Small Estates Act would be feasible.

Get help if you're made an estate executor after a parent's death

Your mother and father had never talked to you about their will or their estate. That's why it was so shocking to you that you were appointed as the executor. Now, at a time when you are grieving your loss, you have a number of responsibilities to take care of.

Get help if you're appointed as the executor of an estate

When someone you love passes away but has made you their estate's administrator, you're in a special position. It is your job to make sure that the individual's assets are gathered, their business affairs are handled and their debts are paid (if possible). You are responsible for filing a final tax return and for distributing assets as the decedent directed.

Ask for help if you're appointed to be an executor

Whenever someone dies, it is important for their estate to be managed and collected for distribution. Estate administration involves a number of steps. These include collecting the assets belonging to the estate, paying the debts owed on the estate and distributing any remaining assets.

Making mistakes put an estate at risk after a loved one's death

In estate administration, there are some mistakes that you should avoid making. While making small errors can usually result in some trouble but be fixable, larger errors can be concerning on a number of levels. You could end up with long, drawn-out days in court if you fail to wrap up your loved one's affairs correctly.

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