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Why should you try to avoid probate?

Probate is the legal process of transferring property from your estate to another party following your death. Laws associated with probate have changed over the years. They continue to change. This is why attorneys generally advise you to review your estate plan at least during major life changes.

Understand how to make your will legal to avoid conflict

Sometimes, there are will contests over the validity of a will. If there is any concern that a will is not valid, then the beneficiaries may turn to the court to find out the opinion of the judge. They may contest what's inside and show why they believe it should not be valid.

Can you contest a will successfully?

As an heir to your parents' estate, nothing could have been more shocking than finding out that you'd been removed from the will. The trust your parents had set up was revocable, and it had been revoked before they died. You were left with nothing, but how? You're an only child and the only heir to their assets.

Stop conflicts before they take your family into court

Inheritance disputes happen more often than one might think, primarily because people believe that they're entitled to a loved one's assets. In some cases, they may have been told they'd receive something that they later did not. In other cases, they feel unfairly treated by the decedent.

Wills and will contests: Who can challenge a will?

Not everyone can contest a will. The individuals who can contest a will must be people who stand to benefit in the event that (1) the will is invalidated and the estate will be distributed according to Tennessee intestacy laws, (2) in the event that the will is invalidated and this results in honoring a previous will or (3) in the event that a subsequent will is honored.

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