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Tips for protecting assets that are stored online

As more and more people integrate the Internet into their daily lives, a great deal of human endeavor is stored in a virtual format. We can now amass huge online collections of music, written material and photography, as well as data from a wide array of fields. These online storage vaults can end up holding items that are of significant value, although many in Tennessee fail to recognize that digital assets can be worth a considerable amount of money. The following tips are offered in the hopes of teaching families the best means for protecting assets that are stored online.

Is it possible to write your own will?

In today's economy, many Tennessee residents look for ways to reduce expenses and save their hard-earned money. That means looking for areas in which they can do things for themselves rather than calling in a professional each and every time their car needs minor service or their sink springs a leak. When it comes to estate planning, many people take a similar approach, and they wonder if tackling their own will or other documents could save money while reaching the exact same end result.

Making gifts to loved ones prior to death

The primary focus of most estate plans is the eventual distribution of an individual's accumulated wealth. This is an important topic, as there are a number of issues that should be addressed, including the various tax ramifications of passing down wealth. However, many Tennessee families can benefit from beginning to distribute those assets prior to death, which has a number of advantages to traditional estate planning.

How to choose the right executor for your will

Creating a well-crafted and comprehensive will is an important step within the estate planning process. However, it is not the only requirement to ensure that a Tennessee resident's assets are properly distributed upon his or her death. In order to have the instructions laid out within a will followed, it is necessary to select the right executor.

Joint ownership can fail in protecting your family

When considering the creation of an estate plan, many Tennessee residents are drawn to joint ownership. This approach allows individuals to add the name of a desired heir to the title of certain assets during the original owner's lifetime. Many choose this approach in the belief that it is a simpler way to transfer assets upon death. In reality, however, joint ownership is often a poor choice for protecting your family.

The power of revocable living trusts and estate planning

Many Tennessee residents are aware of the existence of various types of trusts, but are unsure which trust structure might be right for their unique set of needs. For those who are seeking an effective way to manage the distribution of assets to their intended heirs, a revocable living trust, or RLT, may be a great solution. An RLT is funded in the same way as many other types of trusts, with assets that are titled to belong to the trust itself, and not the individuals creating the RLT.

Determining the basis when protecting assets

Before the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012, the focus of most estate planning was placed on reducing the burden imposed by the estate tax. Currently, however, only those individuals whose wealth exceeds $5.43 million have to contend with the estate tax. When seeking options for protecting assets, much of the focus is now placed on avoiding income taxes incurred when a Tennessee heir disposes of inherited property.

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