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June 2016 Archives

Creating a digitally secure estate administration

Digital estate planning is on the rise, and there are a number of applications available for those in Tennessee who are interested in creating and storing their estate plans online. At the same time, the media is full of stories of digital piracy, where personal information is stolen, bought and sold in the pursuit of identity theft and other crimes. Many people are wary of putting their personal planning documents in a digital format in a way that both protects their interests and also makes estate administration easier when the time comes to make use of those plans.

Estate complexities in providing for children with disabilities

The primary purpose of most estate planning efforts is to provide support to loved ones after an individual has passed away. When a family includes a child with disabilities, it becomes even more important to ensure that there are adequate financial protections in place to support that child for the duration of his or her life. This can lead to estate complexities, and Tennessee families in this situation should consult with an estate planning professional to chart the best possible course of action.

Litigation attacks on media mogul's estate planning decisions

Some Tennessee readers have followed the salacious and sometimes bizarre litigation that has surrounded media mogul Sumner Redstone in recent years. Redstone is currently 93 years old and is worth an estimated $5 billion. As his physical and mental health declines, legal attacks on his estate planning choices have escalated. That has opened up Redstone's private and financial matters to the public, and it has sparked debate on the issue of estate planning fraud by caregivers and family members.

Estate planning particulars for military families

Serving in the armed forces is an important sacrifice for many Tennessee families. Making sure that those families are taken care of is a priority for the United States military, and there are a number of ways that the military provides estate planning services to their members. Understanding how to maximize those benefits is important.

The best way to protect one's surviving spouse

A great many Tennessee residents believe that if they are married and plan to leave everything to their spouse, that there is no need to create an estate plan or draft a will. In reality, however, simply being married provides little in the way of estate planning. When an individual dies without a will, his or her surviving spouse will be at the mercy of state law when it comes to inheriting assets. That could result in an outcome far different from that which was intended.

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