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Can you plan your funeral now?

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2024 | Estate Planning |

Different people can have very different opinions about what happens to someone when they die. For example, parents or children of the deceased may have a different opinion from the deceased’s new partner.

You might wonder if you can preempt things by using your estate plan to set out your wishes regarding what happens when you die. 

You can take steps to make clear how you want your funeral to be

Let’s say you have always wanted a cremation and for your ashes to be scattered at a favorite spot. Your family believes you should be buried on the family plot. Only your partner supports your cremation wishes.

Create a separate document to cover how you would like your funeral to be

You can create a document to make clear you want your partner (or someone else of your choice) to take charge of the funeral arrangements and make clear how you would like things to be. This will help discourage others from taking over or interfering. 

The document should be separate from your will because you need people to access it straight away. 

Even this may not be enough

The document will not be legally binding. So it’s wise to discuss things with your family to make your choices very clear. It’s best to pick someone to take charge who can stand up to others and insist on doing things your way. But bear in mind they may come under considerable pressure and can only do so much.

With appropriate legal guidance, you can learn more and do as much as you can to increase the chances you get the funeral you wish for.