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Tips for choosing an estate administrator

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2024 | estate administration |

Estate administration is an important aspect of estate planning that requires careful consideration when choosing the right person to oversee the process. As you contemplate selecting an estate administrator, remember that this individual will be entrusted with managing your assets, fulfilling your wishes and addressing any challenges that may arise during probate.

As such, choosing an administrator is one of the most important things you will do during the estate planning process. The following tips can help guide you in selecting the most suitable estate administrator.


It is the future of your legacy at stake and you want to ensure that the person you choose to administer your estate is someone you can trust implicitly. Look for individuals with a track record of honesty, reliability and integrity. Consider their reputation among family, friends and colleagues then evaluate whether they have demonstrated ethical behavior in their personal and professional lives.


Choosing an estate administrator who is familiar with your assets, wishes and family dynamics can streamline the administration process and help ensure your wishes are carried out effectively. Ideally, select someone who has a good understanding of your financial situation, including your investments, properties and any business interests.

Compatibility with your wishes

It is also important to choose an estate administrator who is compatible with your wishes and values. This means selecting someone who shares your vision for how your assets should be distributed and your estate managed after your passing. Discuss your intentions and priorities with potential administrators to ensure they understand and are willing to honor your wishes. Consider individuals who respect your decisions and are committed to carrying out your estate plan with care and diligence.

Seek legal guidance

Legal counsel can provide invaluable assistance in selecting an estate administrator by offering insights into the legal requirements and implications of the role. They can help you understand the duties and responsibilities involved, as well as any potential legal challenges that may arise during the estate administration process.