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Inheritances: Choose what you do with them carefully

One of the biggest questions people have about inheritances is what to do with them. It's very easy to spend the money or to use up the assets you receive, which may not be your goal.

If you'd like to take the best care of your inheritance, it's wise to sit down and talk about your options with professionals such as your attorney, financial advisor and others. You need to plan for the inheritance's use, deciding how you'd like to use it and how to handle the asset moving forward.

What should you do with an inheritance?

If you receive a sizable inheritance, the first thing to do is to pay off your debts. If you can pay them all off, that's great. If not, pay off the largest debts. Paying off debts, like your car loan or mortgage, will help you get the benefit of fewer bills each month.

If your inheritance is large enough, you might forgo paying off your bills and choose to invest instead. Usually, it's a good idea to do a mixture of these two things, since investing can sometimes result in losses.

A third thing to consider is moving money to your retirement account. If your account is low or you haven't started one, this could be a huge boost that adds up over time.

Overall, the best choice is to talk to professionals who can give you more information on the options you have before you. Making the right financial decision for your long-term success will help you feel confident in your future.

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