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Understanding Conservatorships And How To Create Them

The thought of a parent, child or another loved one being incapable of caring for him or herself or his or her property in a safe manner is unfortunate. However, if the situation arises, The Law Office of Mary C. LaGrone is here to guide you through the process of creating a conservatorship effectively and compassionately. Contact our Tennessee attorney ad litem and conservatorship attorney for a consultation.

What Is A Conservatorship?

A conservatorship is a relationship created by a court order which grants an individual the authority to act for another individual’s person, property or both. In other words, a court could order an individual, such as a trusted family member or friend, to control another individual’s financial affairs and property, if the court deems such authority to be in the best interest of the disabled individual.

Likewise, a conservatorship can be created when the individual may be in harm’s way or suffering, but will not or is unable to consent to medical treatment or relocation, and does not have a power of attorney designating someone to act on his or her behalf in the event of a disability. This can often be beneficial to assist many individuals such as:

  • A developmentally disabled child or adult
  • An individual with a physical or mental handicap
  • An individual suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or another illness affecting competency
  • An individual with a serious alcohol or drug addiction

Petition For A Conservatorship

To create a valid conservatorship, one must petition the probate court for the conservatorship. The court will require a guardian ad litem visit and evaluate the individual and situation to verify if a conservatorship for the person or property is necessary. Our probate attorney, Mary C. LaGrone, has served as a guardian ad litem for the courts and understands when a conservatorship is appropriate, and what elements must be present for the conservatorship to be approved.

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We understand the importance of having a conservatorship in certain situations. It can be useful to take an individual to the doctor, sell his or her house, place the individual in a nursing home, or tend to other personal or financial needs. If you need assistance with petitioning for a conservatorship, call Mary C. LaGrone at (615) 242-6767 or send an email through our online contact form.

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