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Disputing A Will

Being left out of the will of a loved one is unfortunate. It is not, however, a plausible reason to contest a will. The Law Office of Mary C. LaGrone in Nashville offers more than 20 years of legal experience and is skilled in guiding clients through the legal causes to dispute or overturn a will. Contact our Tennessee will contest lawyer for representation in a will dispute.

Will Construction

As an experienced probate law firm, we assist individuals with drafting wills in the estate planning process and ensuring all legal elements are covered, including having it notarized and signed by two witnesses. However, we are also experienced in handling complex will disputes.

Will Contests

When challenging a will or proving a will is valid, our firm investigates any suspicious circumstances surrounding the drafting of the will, subsequent changes to the will, and the relationships among the testator and designated beneficiaries.

  • Did confidential relationships create an undue influence on the testator?
  • Was the will created through fraud?
  • Did an attorney, in fact, acting pursuant to a power of attorney breach his or her fiduciary duties by utilizing his/her power to change a will for his/her own self-interest?
  • Revocation of the will by a subsequent instrument: Are the wills dated?
  • Was the original will destroyed?
  • If the will was a holographic will or handwritten will, can it be proven?
  • Were there other suspicious circumstances such as age or disability that were taken advantage of?

When A Will Is Overturned

If a contested will is rendered an invalid will, the courts will look to a prior dated will to use for distribution of inheritance to heirs. However, if there is not a prior will, the individual’s assets and property will be subject to the state’s intestacy laws.

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It is important to ensure wills are constructed in language that cannot be misinterpreted and in a way that does not create suspicion. If you need assistance with the creation of a will, review of your current will, or contesting a will, we can help you. Contact our Nashville wills attorney for a consultation. We can be reached at (615) 988-4106.

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