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Understanding The Role Of An Executor, Administrator Or Guardian Ad Litem

In some probate matters, it is necessary for the court to appoint someone to act in the best interest of an estate or a person who may need a guardian.

At The Law Office of Mary C. LaGrone, our founder, attorney Mary C. LaGrone has effectively performed these duties throughout her more than 20-year legal career in Nashville, Tennessee. She is a trusted resource the courts in Davidson County have turned to time and again for her knowledge and experience in probate and estate administration matters.

Protecting The Interests Of Those Who Cannot Speak For Themselves

When families are pursuing a guardianship or conservatorship designation to protect the interests of children or adults who need help, Ms. LaGrone has served as guardian ad litem for the court. This includes evaluating the person’s needs and whether the people seeking guardianship or conservatorship are the right fit.

Additionally, if someone dies without a will or obvious beneficiaries in place, it will be necessary for the court to appoint someone to oversee the distribution of the estate. As a probate and estate planning lawyer, Ms. LaGrone can locate beneficiaries, settle debts and perform other tasks necessary for the administration of an estate.

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